Mornings in Minne

Happy Tuesday!

This morning I came into the office early to help set up for a meeting. This meant getting up at 4:45, which is not my favorite time of day. After the initial struggle (let’s be honest, it could be 9 am and I would be struggling), I was glad to be up and at ’em. This is mainly because I had enough time to put on my makeup without having to redo my eyeliner once (!).

My first task was to pick up bagels for the meeting, which meant a jaunt in the skyway connecting most of downtown Minneapolis. I deemed my early morning reason enough to treat myself to a latte. I saw an ad in the skyway for a lavender vanilla latte. Interesting.

There was a lavender latte at a cafe that I worked at, but I refused to try it as I could not imagine the flavors mixing well. This was a huge mistake. As I sit here and sip this latte, I look back at my young, naive four-months-ago-self who snubbed this drink. What a fool.


Another advantage of being up early is the quiet. The commute to work is often a little stressful. Everyday it seems that the whole city has slept through their alarm and MUST get on/off the train before you do.

Once a guy nearly shoved me and Katie, roommate+best friend, to the ground on our way to work as he exited the train. I said to her, “Maybe his boss is a real jerk or something and he’s late.” Nope. The dude was clearing a freaking path to Starbucks, elbowing his way to a caramel macchiato. To say the least, there was eye-rolling.

Minneapolis at 7am is a different place than Minneapolis at 8am. I prefer the prior, though I don’t know if it is worth leaving my bed to experience it.

Anyway. I’m feeling optimistic about today. It’s hard not to when you’ve had a damn good latte and the sun is shining, even if it is 20 degrees colder than yesterday.

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