A good day to start a blog.

As good a day as any, today at work I decided it was time to start this. It has been years of me telling myself that I’m going to start a blog, but had no idea what about. There is a conflicting part of me that is weary about sharing my personal thoughts that are so very safe from judgement in my head.

Then I realized that is a very dumb reason to not write a blog. Especially because my thoughts are rarely housed in my head. And also because no one is a harsher judge on my own thoughts than myself.

But really – I am not some onion of layers you have to pull back to get deeper into my mind. And it’s not that I don’t think before I speak (I’ve gotten myself into trouble enough times to know that doesn’t work), it’s that I love to share.

I love sharing my opinions, not just political. In fact, seldom political. The opinions I voice are mostly about fashion or music or which chain restaurant has the best mozzarella sticks. More than sharing opinions, I love to tell stories.

When I have a good story, I cannot wait to tell my roommate or really anyone who will listen. But the best part about sharing is hearing how others respond. So many of my beliefs have been shaped by hearing what others have gone through or how they interpret my experiences.

That’s why whenever I have an issue, after some time determining whether the issue is valid or not, I have to talk to someone about it. I try not to trust my own opinions too much, because contrary to (my) popular belief, I do not know everything.

So there you have it. I want to share about the things that happen to me, the things I like, the things I hate, and the things I wonder about. And I want to hear if I’m the only one who feels that way or if there are other weirdos out there just. like. me.

I want to mention the person who most inspired me to start a blog before I begin. Flora Wiström. Flora is a Swedish blogger that is helt inspo. I have been listening to her and Frida Vega‘s podcast for almost a year now and girl crushing hard on both of them. These two girls are certified bad-asses. They talk about anything and everything and spare no details – which I tend to do as well. I relate most with Flora, but she is far more successful than I am, but hey I’m doing alright.

When I found out she was 22 I felt a bit inadequate, but then screw that – she is going to be my role model, not someone I envy. Seeing what someone else has as what I lack is something I try to avoid. Life is sweeter when thinking, “Wow. How cool for them.” not “Wow. How crappy for me”. If you speak Swedish, check out her blog and listen to the podcast. & Flora och Frida om du noensinne leser denne, Jeg ser skikkelig opp til dere.

Okay! I’m really excited to start writing. This is going to be fun even if my parents and I are the only ones who read it. Love you m+d. Sorry that I used the A word earlier.



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