My Daily Mix: Winter 2017

Music is a huge part of my life. I feel like if you are a human, that goes without saying. The way I listen to music is a little different and very annoying to those who have to be around me often. My sister had to deal with it in our youth. Sorry Kelsey.

I am the type who listens to the same 15-20 songs over and over again until I hate them or at least can’t listen to them for a few months. I do not apologize. This gives me a nice sized repertoire of songs that I know by heart, which can be impressive at parties. I recommend it.

So, without further ado, here are 10 songs I cannot stop listening to.

Feel free to check them out on Spotify or click on the album cover to listen on YouTube.

  1. Pretend – Seinabo Sey


Seinabo is a queen. I am completely obsessed with this album. Every song is fantastic. You will not see me hitting the skip button on any track.






2. Nancy Mulligan – Ed Sheeran

(While we’re at it, let’s ad Galway Girl and Dive by Ed)




I don’t need to tell anyone how good this album is. I am a sucker for his traditional sounding songs. An Irish girl can get down to it. And I do.




3. ***Flawless – Beyonce



So I am really late to the game to this song. But WOW. I listened to it four times in a row when I first heard it. Also the bass makes me feel really empowered in my 98′ Toyota Camry.

I look so gooooood toniiiight

gah dam gah dam. Thanks for the words, Bey.


4. Alice – Bianca Ryan




Bless Spotify’s “Discover Weekly”. When they get it right, they get it RIGHT.




5. Nostalgi 3millioner – Tomine Harket ft. Unge Ferrari

4264019959abcf0ad782d54d95753c4a.960x960x1 (1).jpg


Den her er så jævla bra. Jeg er helt obsessed med Tomine Harket. Og Unge Ferrari,selvfølgelig. Jeg ønsker at jeg oppdaget dem tidligere og kanskje kunne ha sett dem i Oslo.

(Ja, Henning, Jeg vet at du ga meg råd å høre på Unge Ferrari, MEN UNNSKYLD. glad i deg


6. Power – Little Mix




Another sassy girl band. I have zero complaints. Keep the sassy girl bands coming.




7. Allt Du Gör och att Du Finns – Mares




Peg och Penny Parnevik är att tacka för detta. Sjuk bra break-up lått. Tack för rådet, tjejer.




8. Queen Bee – Taj Mahal




My friend showed me this wonderful song and I haven’t been able to turn it off since. I love a good acoustic pluck. Also, adorable lyrics.



9. I Don’t Mind – Joseph



This band is tied for my favorite with First Aid Kit. I had the pleasure of seeing them in Minneapolis a few weeks ago and getting to hang out with them backstage for a while (!!). Don’t ask how it happened because I honestly don’t know. But this is my current favorite song of theirs. It changes weekly. Just listen to all of them.



10. The Story of Tonight – Hamilton



Another late-to-the-gamer. But hey, I made it, OKAY?! I la-la-looove this song. “Raise a glass to freedom – Something they can never take away. No matter what they tell you!”




These are the songs I currently can not live without. They are all available on Spotify.


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