Yesterdaily Blog: March 29th


Wednesday morning I got up at 7, an hour later than anticipated, but I still managed to get some eyeliner on and find a way to keep my hair out of my face.


It was a sad morning, because we had to say temporary goodbye to Ellie. She went home to Michigan with Katie’s parents.

Fear not (I say to myself)!! She will be moving back in with us in June for the summer while Katie’s mom and dad are living in the cities. We can.not. wait.


We take the light rail from our house into the city for work every morning at about 10 to eight. Depending on the morning, we either chat the whole way there or sit in a silent state of drowsiness we know will not be altered until there is a cup of coffee in our systems.

The best friendships are the ones when you both know it’s time to stop talking.


As tradition (started like two weeks ago), I toast some bread with avocado spread, sip my coffee and read my emails to start my day – unless there is a pressing project (there wasn’t on this day). It’s a nice segue out of sleep-zombie me into functioning PR human.

From time to time, I might throw in a quick read over my horoscope.  #geminiswag

*Hop to sometime before lunch*

A gchat to remember

A: I’m just saying, Owl City is the most scene shit I’ve ever heard. The name of the band. His voice. The weird, overly cute-sy lyrics. It’s every alt girls dream. I’m throwing up a little in my mouth listening to it but the 8th grade, sweatband-wearing, Paramore-listening part of me that lives deep down in my soul is fan girling. & I hate it.

K: Omg rawr

A: I hate it so much.

K: Why are you listening to Owl City. “It’s every alt girl’s dream”.

A: it came on my shuffle on my itunes songs. I was obsessed in 8th-10th grade. When I strictly shopped at pacsun and wore as many child hair clips in my high top knot as physically possibly.

K: Omg. I remember having really aggressive side bangs that I’d pull over from the side of my head to the other side and fasten there with a neon clip. Then tease my shortest layers I hate myself and regret everything

A: my MySpace was sooooo angsty.

K: Omg mine too

A: And my away messages on AIM. I would give ANYTHING to see the life cycle of my myspace.

K: I think at one point my screenname was xXmisunderstoodXx

*Insert five minutes of audible laughing & discussing screennames with coworkers*

A: can you find a way to make that your name on gchat please?

K: I hate myself

A: change your work email to it. I wish I could remember my angsty one, but mine when I had officially given up on being popular was imaboss245

K: oh my god. ACTUALLY.


Wednesdays are the day of the week that I am allowed to buy a coffee at Caribou.

Because I am a child, if I do not set limits, I will buy a coffee everyday. I learned I need to set limits for myself early on in life. There were some dangerous incidents with over-consumption of girl scout cookies that scared me straight.

This is worth noting because coffee after lunch is the most rewarding treat ever (this is a lie, I treat myself WAY too often with others things – wine, apps, more coffee). For real though, it’s a fantastic midweek gift to myself.

Side note: I know it doesn’t look like I accomplished a lot this day, but I promise I only took these couple pics and spent the rest of the day writing blog posts, articles, case studies, and researching. I really love my job.


After getting home from work I decided to torture myself with some Pre-Jim-&-Pam-Relationship Office. UGH. It’s so frustrating. I hope I am never in that sort of situation. I mean it all works out, but Karen? ROY?!?! C’mon you idiots! Throw away your pride and get together!

I wonder if my life were a movie or a TV show and someone felt that way about me and another “character”. I like to think I’m more intuitive than Pam is, but tbh there’s been a few people that present day me would be screaming, “RUN AWAY!” if I was watching my life as a film. Guess it’s a good thing no one has a clue about anything, amiright?

IMG_5747.JPGI took my frustration about J+P out at the gym. After working with a personal trainer (*ahem* a free personal training session thank you very much – but also thank you very much, LifeTime Fitness!!) I have been ruining my life 2-3 times a week with this brutal work out they designed for me.

I’ve never done any strength training, so lifting weights is very new to me. I like it! But it’s the worst, also. I am excited to say when you squeeze my flexing bicep, it doesn’t melt away anymore! Now, you can’t see any bicep yet, but for crying out loud, there is a small and very present muscle there. In my mind: success!!

My life goal is to be one of those instagram fitness moms. You know the ones. They have about 15k followers. They’re hot. Their children are perfect. Their husband is Gerard Butler, probably.

It’s possible that this day will never come (it won’t), but when I roll out of the gym, stuffing my face with a protein bar that likely contains more calories than I just burned, I mouth-full-of-food grin that I am well on my way to hot, successful, rich – they must be rich right?, beautiful baby bearing, too many followers to fathom INSTAFITNESSMOM.

Instafitnessmom insta name idea list:

  • BloodSweatAndDiapers
  • ArmsSwoleBellySwole
  • BenchPressingBreastFeeder


Ended the day with a margherita pizza, more Office, and Katie throwing her nike-s at me because I was taking pictures of her most attractive groufit+top knot duo to date.

Wednesday was a good day.


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