My First Minnesota Summer


Welcome to the official Weather Sweater website!! This summer, a coworker helped me get this bad boy up and running. I am still working out some quirks and  finding new plugins to make the website easy to navigate and such, but I am so happy to finally have it public! YAY!

I took some time off from blogging this summer solely because I wanted to enjoy the season. I underestimated how amazing the Minnesota summer is. Since MN is pretty far up there like Michigan is, I assumed it would be similar to a Northern MI summer (cold, hot, wet, sunny, very unpredictable). It was not. We were blessed with consistently warm and beautiful weather almost all summer. WHAT?! I know.

Minnesota Summer

It was a very busy summer, and it is painful for me to use past tense while writing this, because that means it is over. Today is Labor Day, so I guess I just have to accept it.

So Here’s What I Did This Summer


Minnesota Summer

My internship at K&C was extended in May for three more months. WOOT. The first three months working there was a huge learning curve, and the last three as an intern came with many opportunities to use what I had learned and begin to walk on my own two PR feet. I was brought on to a few more accounts and was able to start actively contributing in discussions with some valuable input.

Minnesota Summer

It’s always so exciting when you begin to understand how things work at a new job, or career for that matter – and there is still so much for me to learn. I was just recently hired on as an assistant account manager and I could not be more thrilled.

It’s extremely fulfilling to be able to work in the field that you went to school for. The opportunity to do so, enjoy the work I am doing, and have such a great working environment and coworkers makes me feel incredibly lucky. New PR adventures and learning opportunities to come!


Minnesota Summer

Although your girl was ballin on a budget rocking that intern life, I did have a lot of fun this summer and likely spent more money than I should. But if you never spend any of the money you make, what’s the point of working for it?

There is a plethora of good coffee in Minneapolis. My Saturday routine is to spend the morning in a coffee shop and do some journaling or reading. While I am a creature of habit, I forced myself to venture out and explore more coffee shops. Don’t get me wrong, there were several weeks where I kept to my classic spots, but heading to new parts of town and taking cafe advice from friends led me to some amaaazing shops that I have revisited several times. Here are some of my favorites:

Minnesota Summer

  • Botany – This adorable cafe just opened in July. Turns out, it is chock full of Grand Rapidians! They sell MadCap coffee, which was what first attracted me. There are ex-madcappers AND Ferris babes! What a treat. And even better, it is in bike-able distance in my neighborhood. Definitely the best find of the summer. Also very minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing.

    Minnesota Summer
    Photo credit to @abookishtara on Instagram
  • Five Watt – A hipster hotspot to say the least. They have a long list of crazy unique lattes and other drinks as well as straight-dank spro. I am not the fan of sweetened lattes that I once was, so they recommended the Hibernator (cold press, toasted almonds, honey, milk). At first sip I entered the town of yum and set up camped. They roast and sell their own coffee.
  • Quixotic Coffee – Another gem close to home. Katie advised me to check it out, and boy does she know me well! I had been trying to find a good coffee/booze cafe and Quixotic was just take. They sell Saint Paul’s Bootstrap coffee and an array of alcoholic bevies. Very well-made capps. A great place to stop by for a quick fill-up while running errands or tuck yourself away to get some work done.

There were many more, but I’m gonna move on. Shoot me a note if you want more Minneapolis coffee tips!

Minnesota Summer

Another highlight of the summer was going to see one of my favorite comedians, Chris Fleming with Katie and Lucie. I have seen him twice in Chicago as Gayle Waters-Waters, but this was my first time going to one of his stand-up shows. He SLAYED us. I mean Gayle is classic, but wow. His humor is so smart and unique. If he is coming to a town near you, get tickets. NOW.


Minnesota Summer

There are many nights that were spent out on our porch, lit by candles and blurred by wine. Those were my favorite. Impromptu evenings spent discussing life, politics, love and most importantly, outer-space and aliens. Friends came to visit from Michigan, friends moved to Minneapolis and some of the coziest memories were made. *sigh*


Minnesota Summer

While I only traveled to one new place this summer, Rochester, Minn., I was able to head back home to Michigan. Twice! I have never really been one to feel homesick, but I really did after moving here. After landing a fantastic deal on tickets to Grand Rapids, I marked my calendar for a trip over the Fourth of July and the beginning of August (shout out to m&d for helping me out with that trip <3 )

Minnesota Summer

When I booked my tickets for the Fourth, I did not anticipate that the Traverse City Cherry Festival would be in full-force. After this realization, a bit of dread came over me as I saw my relaxing weekend turn into a nightmare of tourists saturating my favorite restaurants, congested streets and a beer-filled Torch Lake. Even so, my excitement could not be dulled. To my surprise, the Cherry Fest was completely bearable as a visitor myself. My parents and I were able to walk right into Red Ginger and get a seat and Torch Lake was quite chill on the Fourth of July.

Minnesota Summer

Unfortunately I only got two days to have fun in TC. I was bedridden for the rest with a fever and a sinus infection. Glamorous, right? But if you’re going to be sick, it’s always a little bit better when you’re in your childhood home, your mama makes you soup and your amazing friend Glynnis spends the day on the couch with you. :’)

I headed back to TC for a second time to see my beautiful friends get married. This trip I was able to spend a day in Grand Rapids before heading up North. Two of my favorite babes, Mallory and Katie, let me stay with them in their new gorgeous home with their four fur babies. It was sososo nice to spend some time with them in GR and road trip to TC together. Good people all around. And a perfect balance of pups & kitkits. 10/10.

I had a love-hate relationship with Grand Rapids. After a not-so-fantastic senior semester, leaving that city was the easiest move ever. After returning, seeing my old stomping grounds and a few of the people who helped me smile and find sunshine on some of my cloudiest days, the love I had for GR came flooding back. That’s the great thing about your memory. It holds on a little harder to the good things in life.

I would really love to live in Grand Rapids again in the future. It is an all around beautiful place with an exciting vibe. Shout out to a wonderful coffee date with Kristen & Isaac at Rowster. You two are the best.

Minnesota Summer

The wedding was beautiful. Esther looked perfect. Brandon cried. The guests had a blast. I accidentally bit into a butter medallion that I thought was a cookie. Good times. Trip number two was a whole lot better than number one. I was able to see a lot more people and healthy enough to do everything I wanted. I’ll see you soon, MI.


Minnesota Summer

A large chunk of July was taken away from me by Mono. ICK. I luckily healed faster than most people do – I was only out for about a week. It took about a month for me to feel 100 percent again, but sometimes you just need to listen to your body and let it heal. I wasn’t able to do much else than go to work and return to my bed. No exercise, no drinking, no social activities. Long story short, don’t share drinks with others. Especially not me. Turns out you’re contagious for about six months after you have mono. Woohoo. On the bright side, you can only get it once in your life.

Summer Goals: An Analysis

Minnesota Summer

Let’s take a look at those goals I wrote back in April and see how I did.

Get ice cream at Milk Jam –Yes!! I did this one early on. ‘Twas yummy. Not worth $7.

Take a one-time grill to Boom Island & cook weenies at dusk – Nope.

Celebrate Swedish Midsommar – Yes! I went to the Midsommar celebration at Minnehaha park.

Learn and master four new songs on the guitar – Check. This summer I learned I Don’t Mind – Joseph, Little Memory – Overcoats, Annie’s Song – John Denver, and Tell Me There’s a Garden – Joseph.

Map out the perfect bike ride and spend the day adventuring – Nix.

Stay up too late out on the porch drinking cheap wine in light from candles that are keeping the mosquitos at bay – All too often.

Grill, grill, grill – Yes!! Well, Devin grilled…Katie & I ate. :))

Continue my hunt for “my favorite places” in Minneapolis – Mhm!

Go to block parties, specifically the Basilica Block Party – Nope.

Have a bonfire – Nooo unfortunately. Probably the first summer I’ve had without one. </3

Meet at least three new friends – Yes! I met a lot of awesome people this summer.

Avoid sunburn – I did pretty well with this one. Only two very odd burns from my poor sunscreen application.

Find a good lake for a beach day – No beach days this summer, but I spent some time going for walks around lakes and two great days out on the boat in Michigan.

Rent a kayak for a day – Never got to this.

Minnesota Summer

Well friends. It was a lovely first summer in Minnesota. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to fall. I, clearly, love sweaters. And scarves. Oh and cider. I also want to be able to start ordering hot coffee drinks without dripping sweat by the time I finish the cup.

I am excited for this new chapter with my blog. You can expect posts from me every Thursday. There will hopefully be more than that, but sometimes life happens and one post a week is all I’ll be able to manage. Thank you for following my blog to the new site!! If you don’t want to miss a post, please sign up for my newsletter! Enter in your email in the “subscribe” box at the bottom of this page.

Here’s to a good summer friends!

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