My name is Alyse Carbonell. Welcome to my blog! This is where I write about anything and everything. Here is a brief history to get you started.

I am 23 years old from Northern Michigan and I have spent the last four and a half years of my life in college. Earning my communications degree from Grand Valley State University has been one of the most rewarding achievements I’ve experienced.

I now live in Minneapolis and spend most of my time working at a public relations firm that focuses in business to business PR. I love it. I spend the rest of my time hopping coffee shop to coffee shop trying cappuccinos from all over the city, singing and playing guitar, laughing with my friends, writing, and shredding mad gnar at reasonable speeds and over petite bunny-hop jumps.

As you will find in this blog, I am a big Scandinavia nerd. I was lucky enough to study and work in Oslo, Norway for a year in 2015 where I fell in love with the culture. While living in Oslo and continuing to present day, I have worked extremely hard to become fluent in Norwegian and Swedish. You may find some of that sprinkled throughout my posts. Do not be alarmed.

Some more snippets about me:

  • I love pugs and shih tzus
  • I am a horse girl through and through
  • I am always happy to meet new people
  • I like every kind of music except for rock

Now the infamous question: Why “Weather Sweater”? Well, in 8th grade, I started a blog on Tumblr and wanted to use the name “Sweater Weather”, but it was taken so Weather Sweater it was. My Tumblr blog has changed names a hundred times, but Weather Sweater transferred over to my Instagram ca. 2011. It came to the point that some of my friends who I met later in life didn’t even know my real name because they only called me Weather Sweater. Now it’s just part of who I am I guess. I also wear mostly sweaters in general. So. There ya go.

I hope you enjoy my blog!